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We ask that you take note of our company holidays
from December 15th, 2023 to January 3rd, 2024.

Please note: Due to high demand, delivery times may extend significantly.

Tests according EN 60900:2012 / IEC 60900:2012 and REACH Regulation

Our safety tools are manufactured and processed in such a way that the safety requirements for trained professionals are met in the best possible way.
All of our multiple dip insulated tools are provided with the appropriate symbols of your standard to ensure the greatest possible safety, which is clearly recognizable by looking at the tool.
ISOTOOLS has a wide range of VDE tools, tools with double triangle 1000 V, which of course
also have a 2-color multi-layer insulation made of phthalate-free plastic, "Made in Germany" according to the latest standard IEC60900:2012/EN60900:2012.
The two-tone multi-layer insulation offers a legally secure option to meet the requirements of the current DGUV regulation 3
(formerly known as BGV A3) to implement.
Before starting work, this requires a visual inspection of all tools for externally visible damage.
So it makes sense that, where possible, the tools should have a contrasting color are coated, which makes damage to the upper insulation immediately recognizable.
Here, too, it is all about maximum safety for the user.

As a part of our responsibility for Product Security and Consumer Health ISOTOOLS fulfills the REACH Requirements.
Our Products are conform to the Reach Regulation and also to the Pak-Control.
Information about the Regulations you can find here: PAK-control und REACH-requirements

Insulated Tools for working under Voltage up to 1000 V

ISOTOOLS offers a large assortment of insulated VDE Tools, insulated Tools 1000 V and protectiv Equipment.
The Tools are all stamped with the corresponding marks of the standard:
VDE/ IEC 60900: 2012, GS, Germany respectively with1000V, Double Triangle , Germany also with:
Item Number, Size, Manufacturer- and Manufacturing Year. All VDE-Tools are tested piece-by-piece with a test Voltage 10.000 Volt and certificated highest possible Safeness for working on live parts up to 1.000 Volt.

ISOTOOLS VDE-Tools are manufactured and processed in such a way that the safety conditions for trained specialists are met very well.
All our multilayer insulated Tools are marked with the appropriate symbols of your standard to ensure maximum safety, which is clearly visible with a glance of the tool.

We have a large selection of VDE-Tools, Tools with double Triangle 1000 V which of course also have a 2-coloured-multilayer insulation with phalatfree PVC “Made in Germany” according to the latest Norm IEC60900:2012 respectivly EN60900:2012.
The two-color multilayer insulation offers a legally secure option for implementing the requirements of the current DGUV regulation 3
(formerly known as BGV A3). Before starting work, this requires a visual inspection of all tools for externally recognizable damage.

It is, however, obvious that wherever possible, the tools are coated with a contrasting color, which immediately makes the damage to the upper insulation noticeable.
This is about the maximum security of the user. As a listed supplier of renowned customers, we guarantee the highest quality, competent consulting, trustworthy cooperation and a careful and timely execution of your inquiries and orders. In many countries around the world you will find our sales offices, which are always at your service.

VDE-Tool for working on Hybrid- and electric vehicles

Many of our VDE Tools are designed for work on hybrid and electric vehicles.
Many VDE-Tools are designed in special tooling, which enables ISOTOOLS to meet the special requirements of the customers and to implement these with competence and know-how as far as possible. Application of a logo or special packaging wishes (sinking etc.) are possible with ISOTOOLS with various machines.

Please notice: Because the Standards sometimes changing our Tools are neutral photographed.

High Quality Safety Tools for Line Construction, insulation technology and the hobby sector

Our safety tools are extremely durable and versatile. The Telegraphic Tools "Made in Germany” from quality materials are very durable and robust. The constant monitoring of the Production, as well as regular inspections and loading tests guarantee the maximum safety for the Telegraphic Tools, Come-Along-Clamps and Pulley Blocks. Constantly working on new and further Development and improve the Manufacturing Process.

The Manufacturing plant is certified with TÜV Quality Management System to ISO 9001: 2008 and complies with the Regulation of the Professional Association BGHM. Of course these articles have the international CE marking.

Functional Protective Equipment and Clothing

Optimal protection in working Clothes and perfect equipment according to current DIN „Made in Germany“ from technically advanced Materials. For almost every desired requirement we are able to recommend suitable clothing. This is only a small selection of our range. For more Safety Wear, Personel Protective Equipment, other sizes, colors or protective classes, please contact us. ISOTOOLS-Team is at your disposal in all matters that require working under voltage.